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Why The Name MuffinxMilk?

Muffins are good, muffins are great, thank you for this muffin, Amen. You might think I named my blog and shop “Muffin Milk” because I am obsessed with muffins. While it’s true I love muffins, it’s not to the extent of eating them every single day.

My Story About Muffins

My earliest memory encountering a muffin was when I was little, and I used to spend time at my grandparents' house, and they always had these giant muffins that they purchased at Costco. To be exact, it probably wasn't my first time eating a muffin, but it was a core memory that always stuck with me. When I would visit their house, I would most often anticipate them having a box of muffins on the counter or even the Costco pound cakes that came in a pack of three. My favorite pastry of course were the muffins because they felt like a real treat. Those big fluffy muffins, so dense and so moist. I’d have them with a glass of milk on the side, especially if it was the chocolate kind. My favorite muffin from the mix as a kid was the poppy seed muffin. The texture of the seeds when you chewed them were very satisfying to me. It's hard to say why exactly but I enjoyed the taste and texture of the poppy seed muffin. Currently, I would argue that the chocolate muffin has to be my current favorite. I don’t eat them often but when I do, I try to enjoy them to their fullest potential by not eating one whole muffin in one sitting. Again, it’s always accompanied by a glass of almond milk, to wash it all down, or a side of coffee depending on my mood and time of day. The last muffin in the pack was a blueberry muffin which was also pretty good, but I would have to rate it at the bottom of the bunch. I never really reached for it as a first choice. Nothing personal against blueberries but I would mostly reach for the other two before deciding to grab the blueberry one.

Interest In Science

Anyways, that wasn’t the main reason for naming my business after muffins. Just a little lore into my background. One day I woke up and had a creative idea and the rest unfolded from there. I found a new passion in space and learning about the unknown. Knowledge about life on this planet and space is forever developing with new information and theories that arise. Makes you question your thoughts and ideas by challenging the mind to think outside the box. Science wouldn't have come this far if we didn't question every little thing, even the things that seem impossible. I find the varied ways we obtain knowledge so interesting. We are able to share our ideas with each other and grow as a community if we give room to be open minded. The more you question the things around you, the more your understanding begins to solidify. I still wouldn't say that my love for natural science was the main reason Muffin Milk exists, but it was a steppingstone.

The Impact of Art

So, what was it? In 2017 I took a creative design class. This class was supposed to make you think outside the box and get really creative. It was one of the best classes I took back when I was pursuing a graphic design major, a major which I later changed. We had this one project where we needed to make abstract art using lines and curves and basic shapes. The challenge was that it wasn’t supposed to have a meaning behind it, it was more like a creative brain dump and we couldn't use any symbols or shapes that resembled anything. When the project was complete, my peers had to all come up with a meaning behind the drawing. I struggled to design something and in the end, I ended up getting inspiration from an anime I liked at the time. If you would like to see my projects, you can find them in my portfolio labeled Abstract Art. Something about my art made it look like portals to distorted realities. That is what I think of when I see my art and what also comes to mind is outer space. I grew up watching the science channel as a kid, so black holes, asteroids, and hypothetical portals are not a new concept to me, plus the mixture of growing up in the digital world. My second project made me think of cyberspace. This is where the love of science fiction started to blossom.

Because of my creativity and love for the natural world I began sketching and drawing more art that had similar ideas to my class projects. I also loved clutter art that looked like those old “I Spy” puzzle games. Even though the abstract is cool I don’t think I’d ever really be able to shut off my mind and create with no meaning or interpretation.

One of my art pieces at the time kept my attention while I was deciding on a business name, it was a silly little cookie planet I had drawn with chalk pastels. If I had to admit, at the time I loved cookies more than muffins, but for some reason all that came to mind when I looked at it was Muffin Milk. Here's a picture of my art. It’s a smiling cookie in space with spilled milk in the background. At this point in my art journey, I was already mixing food and space into my art. I thought Muffin Milk sounded cool, so the name stuck and here we are today. This led me to begin writing and drawing lore about the fantasy world I had created in my mind. Sometimes my mind thinks faster than I can produce artwork, so I decided to write down my ideas in order to keep true to my early original thoughts. I later decided to create a blog to house all my ideas. I'm only one person and I work slowly, yet I juggle so much that I can barely keep up. It would be a lot easier if I could split myself into multiple people to get things done. But for now you get to enjoy my content at a slow pace. I will also admit that team 4 stars dbz abridged videos may have had a slight impact in deciding to brand Muffin Milk. 

muffin because muffins are good, and milk because we live in the Milky Way Galaxy.


If you would like a print of my cookie planet you can find it here. Or if you would like a print of MuffinxMilk you can find that here. If you think this crochet muffin is cool you can find more on my Depop You can also submit a commission for a special-colored muffin on my commissions page. If you like baking why not check out the recipe I developed. I came up with it while thinking about what the planet Muffin Milk would taste like. Small Batch Matcha and Coffee Muffins


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post. If you would like to keep track of new posts, follow me on me socials. Have a good day.

Muffin Milk

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