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Baby Chicken Easter Egg Crochet Project

Just in time for Easter, I bring you this easy baby chicken crochet project that will fit inside an easter egg. I will also make a visual video on my Youtube channel so that you can follow along if you find words to be a bit confusing. As always I've attached a couple photos just in case you get lost. As an added bonus we'll make a small crochet egg so the chicken can live in it.  Let's get started!


  • Light or medium weight yarn of your choice for body, black yarn for eyes, red for comb, yellow for beak

  • Hook size 3.5/4 depending on yarn weight

  • Stitch marker

  • Scissors and a yarn needle.


SC= Single Crochet

Dec= Decrease

Slt= Slip Stitch

St= Stitch

Hdc= half double crochet

Dc=double crochet

Body Instructions:

R1: Start with a magic ring and make 6 SC, (6)

R2: 2SC in every stitch around (12)

R3: SC 1, 2SC in the next stitch, repeat the sequence 6X (18)

R4: 2sc in the first stitch, sc in the next two stitches, repeat 6X (24)

R5-R8: Sc 24 (24)

R9: Sc 2, dec 1, repeat 6X (18)

R10: Dec1, sc 2. Repeat 6X (12)

Make sure to stuff your chicken before sewing it shut.


Chain 7 and turn your work

R1: Slt, sc, slt, hdc, slt, 2 double crochets then slt in the last stitch

Cut a tail long enough to sew and tie the ends together


Cut an 8 inch piece of black yarn and thread it to your needle. On the fifth row you will want to stitch the eyes about 5 stitches apart. Then tie them and hide or cut the excess.

Take a 6 inch piece of yellow yarn and thread through the needle. Stitch the beak between the 5th and 6th row in between the eyes. Tie then hide or cut the excess. 

Take the comb, sew it to the chicken starting on the second round and work your way back doing a back stitch to secure it. Tie and hide the excess threads. 

And there you have it, your own baby chicken!! But wait. Do you want to learn to make an egg to house your baby chick in? It’s very easy, trust me.

**Note: When decreasing change your hook to a half size down to keep the stitches tighter.

Egg Instructions:

Medium weight yarn of choice.

R1: Start with magic ring and make 6sc (6)

R2: 2sc in every stitch (12)

R3: 12 sc (12)

R4: Sc, 2sc in the next stitch, repeat x6 (18)

R5: 18 sc

R6: 2sc, 2sc in the next st, repeat 6 times (24)

R7: 7sc, skip 10 stitches and chain 10, on the 18th st join the chain to the yarn. Continue the round 7sc. (24)

R8-11: Sc24

R12: 1 Inv dec, sc2, repeat 6 times (18)

R13: 1 Inv dec, sc, repeat 6 times (12)

R14: 1 Inv dec, repeat 6 times (6)

Stitch the end closed and weave the tails into the egg.


Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed. The Youtube video for this post isn't ready yet so check back again soon. This is a pattern I made myself, feel free to tag me in posts when you make it. I would love to see it!

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