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Love and Nature / Amore y Naturaleza by Abraham Garcia Book Review

How can we learn from nature to teach us the importance of love? Abraham Garcia expresses this topic in a refreshing way in his poetry book, Love and Nature / Amore y Naturaleza. Love and Nature is a collection of short poems exploring his deepest thoughts, feelings and emotions in hopes of creating a connection with others through his words. He is able to clearly convey to the reader how love and nature intertwines. 

As a writer myself who enjoys writing poetry, I don't normally turn to reading poetry books. I’m often left feeling confused about the poetry topics or the final message is not so clear and leaves you wondering. What I enjoyed about Love and Nature was that the wording was straightforward and easily digestible. There was no mind bending involved to try and figure out what the author meant. The author takes us on a trip through his book in an almost dream-like way. Guiding us vividly through his thoughts like in his poem The Train, which brings us along with him in his journey to a beautiful destination.

Nature teaches us a lot of things; we just need to be patient and still to hear the voice of nature. In a world full of technology we tend to lose sight of what is most important. This world runs fast and is forever changing but we should strive to slow down and be present. Just like A. Garcia says “If you don’t spend time in nature you won't  know how to appreciate it.”

I found this book very enjoyable, every poem was a unique experience full of emotion and excitement. I highly recommend to everyone to pick it up and try it out at least once. It is a short read that's worth reading. The awesome part is the bilingual translation in Spanish, making it accessible to others whose first language is Spanish. Alos for those who are seeking to learn Spanish and need a duo book to reference what they are reading. The cover is also beautiful, with vivid colors portraying a tranquil lake in the midst of nature. My final review is 5/5 stars! Easy digestible content that the whole family can read.

If you are wondering where you can get your hands on a copy, you can find the book on Amazon, Barnes n Noble and Thrift Books. I will leave the link below!

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