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The Promise Keeper

There once was a man who lived up the street, 

with great wisdom and love, that he shared with everyone he would meet. 

And long long ago, I met him once on a hill. 

He spoke with the warmth of the sun, my heart did he fill. 

He spoke of dreams and promises that were yet to come. 

Showing me sights and wonders, and the place he comes from. 

He’s not like the rest of us, he’s so loving and sweet. 

His sorrows were enlarged at the sight of those who mistreat. 

His actions were pure; he never hurt a soul,

but one day he said he would need to pay a toll.

I never understood what he meant, 

or why it was relevant. 

He was the wise man who lived up the street, 

with a love so big, he would share with everyone he would meet. 

what would he pay for if he never sinned a day in his life.

When problems arise, he is slow to anger which appeases strife.

The last we spoke I told him my days, spoke of months past and the years. 

I spoke of my secrets and relied to him my fears. 

He reassured me that I'd be okay, 

that he is preparing a way. 

Telling me he will deliver me out of my troubles, 

so believe in him and all my worries would crumble.

I’m preparing a place for you. 

That you may dwell in my Fathers house with me, in time that is due. 

The hour is at hand, that I may go and fulfill what has been written. 

The promise that was set, for those who will listen. 

When the place is ready  I will come back and take you all with me, and we will spend eternity with my Father at his place. 

I will send a friend to comfort you as you wait, building you up with strength, love and grace. 

If you love me, you’ll keep these words close to you, 

and my Father will also love you.

Peace, I leave with you.

And so, I spent my days with my newfound friend, who taught me many things. 

Sharing the love with others and teaching them what it really means. 

Finding joy in the midst of life’s cruel ways, 

being hopeful and in prayer in all the days.


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this poem. Next month I am hoping to post a craft project. Possibly a story update as well, I'm not too sure yet. 

☆Blog updates: Every 4th of and 18th of the month.

☆Comic posts: Every 16th of the month. I’m working on posting biweekly.

☆Next Event: CarrierCon- USS Hornet Museum

I just want to tell you Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through him. He is our refuge and fortress; in him will we trust when life gets rough. Keep fighting the good fight.

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