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The Perfect Rock

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

This rock, 

Once so smooth and so polished, 

Held a secret so heavy inside. 

It’s mystery was so intense, 

That the surface of the rock cracked, 

Like a newly hatched egg.

With years and years 

It’s secret oozed like shadows in a forest, 

Waiting to be born and emerge from its shell. 

She held that rock as tightly as she could, 

Not wanting it to break. 

This rock, 

Once so smooth and so polished,

now had bumps, ridges and cracks.

Whatever was inside has deformed the rock.

It was holding such a tremendous secret. 

The hand that held the rock became tainted, 

It dyed the hand an unsightly color.  

It became all bubbled and cracked just like the rock. 

She did not want to let it go, 

In hope that it may return back to its former self,

If maybe... She absorbed its secrets. 

This rock,

Became too intense for her to bear,

She had to let it go.

She had to give up,

On this rock,

Once so smooth and so polished.

As she let go of the rock,

She watched it crumble between her fingers, 

Like fine sand. 

Flowing in the direction of the wind. 

The mystery hidden inside,

Became its own entity and it drifted away from her presence. 

Her beloved rock,

Once so smooth and so polished 

had faded into the wind. 

March 30 2021


Dealing with loss and grief of someone who meant the world to you, but their brokenness hurts you deeply, sometimes you need to let go for them to grow.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Something a little different for a change as I continue to figure out things I want to make for this blog. Have a wonderful December!!

✩Monthly Posts every 4th of the month! If you're lucky enough Sometimes there may be a double post on the 18th. Don't get your hopes up.✩


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