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The Loyal Little Lamb

One day a little sheep was out in the fields grazing. Fenced in by a gate, his master always said to stay within the parameters of the field because beyond the fence was a dangerous place. So, in the fenced in field he stayed. Yet he was curious, what would really happen if he went beyond the fence? The grass there looked just as yummy as the grass here so it couldn’t be all that bad.

One evening while grazing by the fence a cunning wolf emerged from the bushes behind the fence. “Hello little sheep”, he said. The sheep looked up, “Hello”. The wolf asked while licking his lips, “why so far away from your herd? Everyone is grazing towards the middle of the field and you are here alone by the fence.” The sheep was quiet for a moment, “I like this spot”. The wolf knew exactly what the sheep wanted because he’s been watching him, “Curious about what’s beyond this little fence?” The sheep was hesitant, “I am very much curious, but my master told me to never cross the fence” the wolf laughed, “And what does your master know? He’s depriving you of so much. There is taller and sweeter grass to graze, and many delicious plants you can eat. Best of all there is freedom to roam wherever you’d want. “ The sheep was intrigued, “I’m not too sure”. “C’mon,” the wolf said “you are missing out on so much, what does your master know? If he really cared about you he would let you be free. A little sheep like you shouldn’t be confined in a small area. Come with me, I'll keep you safe.” The sheep thought about it for a while before responding, “Okay!” Little did he know the wolf only wanted him as a snack. So over the fence he jumped and he followed the wolf up into the woods. The wolf guided him around the land telling him to taste all the wonderful and delicious growing plants, fattening him up so he could feast on him later.

Back at the farm the Shepard rounded up his sheep, counting them one by one as he led them back into the barn. He noticed he was missing a sheep. The little sheep he grew fondly attached to. The shepherd was concerned, he ran up and down the field calling him yet he was nowhere to be found. After failing to find the little sheep he returned to the herd and took them back home.

After the little sheep had eaten his fill, he started to feel sleepy. “I think I’ll take a nap,” he said to the wolf. Perfect, the wolf thought. With the sheep asleep it will be less of a hassle to devour him. He didn’t have to worry about the little sheep running away. The wolf left to bring a few friends, he knew he shouldn’t be too greedy as the lamb did fatten up quite a bit! When he came back the sheep was still asleep. “See I told you, easy dinner,” said the wolf to his friends. “Let’s dig in!” said one of his friends.

The little sheep was woken up by the howling of the wolves. He’s only ever heard the howl from a distance but this time it was very close. He jumped up from his sleep and locked eyes with the shadows in the dark. “Who are you,” he cried in terror. “We are hungry and you’re our next MEAL!” They yelled. The little lamb used all the strength he had and ran away from them as fast as he could. The wolves followed after, “come back” they said. The little sheep's heart was pumping so fast he felt like he could faint but he needed to get away from them or else he’d be eaten. Heartbroken that the wolf deceived him, the sheep thought about his master and the fence and his spot next to the fence. Why did he ever have to leave the farm! He cried while he ran, “Master help me!” he yelled through tears. THUD. He hit against a warm embrace, “I’m here don’t be afraid,” said a voice. The little sheep knew this voice, it was the voice of his master. He told the wolves to be gone, and they left running back home, sad they let their meal get away. “It’s okay,” said the Shepherd, “you are safe now. It must have been scary all alone.” He hugged the sheep with so much love and kindness. He didn’t punish the sheep, all he cared about was that his sheep was back home safe and sound. The Shepard took a deep breath, “I’m glad you’re okay, I don’t know what I would have done if I lost you.” The little sheep was happy to be home, to be able to graze the same grass as before. It tasted much better than the grass beyond the fence because he knew he was loved. And love made everything taste much more special. He knew to never question his master again because his master knew what was right for him and from now on, he stuck by his master's side loyally.


Thanks for reading! This is a short story I wrote while ago. I will now have a section of short stories in my blog, aside from the main story I am writing. There is currently a pause in Muffin Milk story to focus on other works. Thanks for understanding.

I hope you find your way back home.


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