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Sisters Lucy and Tora

In a small dome-like home shaped as a cat, lives our friend Lucy. Lucy has bright pink hair, big cat-like caramel colored eyes, and dresses in a doll-like fashion. Her house is like a sanctuary for cats. She doesn’t house all the cats in the world inside her home but she has created a space in her yard where cats can stop by and relax on warm sunny days or to take shelter when the weather is bad. Aside from taking care of the feral cats, Lucy has two cats of her own that live indoors with her. Their names are Leo and Chester. Chester is a blue coat Nebelung cat, he is sweet and cuddly and follows Lucy everywhere she goes. Chester is very loyal, quick to learn new things, and a great companion to have around. Leo on the other hand is a more curious cat who loves to explore and get into trouble. Leo is an orange domestic shorthair tabby cat. He’s a hunter and loves to chase small animals outside in the yard. He is also very sweet and cuddly and has taken a liking to Lucy’s sister Tora. Sometimes he will follow Tora to her work and relax on the roof till her shift is over.

Lucy has always loved fashion. You can always find her dressed in cute, frilly clothing. When she is at home she prefers to wear warm and cozy oversized lounge wear. During the day she works as a model and loves her job because she gets to try on so many fashionable items. She has access to the latest fashion trends which fuels her spending habits. She has a vast wardrobe, where she just never runs out of things to wear.

When she is not working Lucy takes to gardening, she recently picked up the hobby from a friend she made in the woods. Lucy also likes baking and will sometimes help Tora at her shop making freshly baked goods. After a long day of work she will unplug and settle down with a book nestled in her giant fort of plushies.

Tora is the taller yet younger sister of Lucy! Most people assume she's older due to the height difference. She has vibrant blue choppy hair, and always rocks the muscle tees with shorts. Tora lives not so far from Lucy, actually they are neighbors. Once she moved out of her family home she didn’t want to be so far from her sister, so she moved in next door. Though her reasoning for moving in next door was because she was worried about Lucy living alone with all those cats. Sometimes she's not honest with herself, and tends to lie to make herself feel tough. Tora loves dinosaurs! Of course because they are tough and scary looking. She believes she comes from a line of dinosaurs. Her most treasured item is a baby dinosaur skull that her grandma passed down to her when she was a kid. It fits her head, but she finds it kind of embarrassing to wear out. When no one is looking she will reenact dinosaur scenes with her pet chickens and chase them all around the yard. She doesn’t really fit in with the whole cat aesthetic. Cats can be cool sometimes but her preferred pets are chickens. Tora has a small backyard coop that houses 5 different kinds of chickens. Chickens are the closest to dinosaurs she will get. Tora also loves exotic birds but doesn't have the time to care for them, so she will often visit the bird sanctuary that’s in town.

Tora runs a shop in town called Muffin Milk Cafe, where she serves instagrammable looking drinks and desserts that will keep you coming back for more. Also at her shop she has a small section where she sells small knick knacks made from the local artists. Tora loves her shop and loves to see her customers' faces when they take a sip of their drink. She takes pride in making people happy.

On the outside Tora may seem gloomy and rough around the edges, but she is the nicest and sweetest person you will ever meet. She is just a little shy at first but will open up when she is comfortable. Just like a cat… With the cats being the major inhabitants of the planet, the humans living there have developed catlike characteristics and features. But Tora doesn’t think she has any qualities of a cat.

When Tora has free time, she likes to hike through the woods and wonder what it would be like if she was a dinosaur. Nature really calms her when she is feeling upset. When she needs to be alone Tora has a secret spot where she likes to lay down and relax after a long day.

Art by: Kowaibunny

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