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In a Land Far Away...

There once was a cat obsessed girl named Lucy, living on a planet shaped like a muffin. A ring of milk clusters surrounds the muffin shaped planet, and a yellow orange moon orbits the planet Muffin Milk. Its’ craters are so large and deep the moon resembles swiss cheese. Somedays the moon shines so brightly in the night. Which makes Lucy wonder what was on the moon.

The main inhabitants of Muffin Milk are cats. They get to roam freely wherever they want. Food is abundant on the land so the cats never go hungry. You can find all kinds of delicious fish swimming in the stream and many kinds of fruits growing in the trees that are shaped like muffins. The cats quench their thirst with the milky white river that flows throughout Muffin Milk.

Art by: Kowaibunny

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