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My Top 5 Favorite Drinks Of The Season 2023

Updated: Jan 8

Happy New Year! It is now 2024, 2023 was a quiet year for me but I am looking forward to what this year has coming. Some people feel sad when the year ends, but I find it to be the best part, to say goodbye to a year and welcome a new year full of many possibilities. Let’s enter the year with an open mind!

Today I would like to share with you my top hot drinks of the season. During winter time it’s very comforting to cuddle up in a blanket and drink something hot. Sometimes the occasional hot cocoa, coffee and tea gets old, so I will be ranking my favorite drinks I love to enjoy hot. Many of the drinks originate from Central America, if you haven’t tried any yet, you are missing out! I hope this post will be able to convince you to try something new.

#5 Pinolillo

Pinolillo is a Nicaraguense corn drink mixed with cocoa. I have yet to find a place where they sell it. When I took a trip to Nicaragua I came across pinolillo in its hot form. I grew up drinking it cold when my grandma used to make it. The only way I was able to drink it was when my grandmother brought a bag of pinolillo powder with her from Nicaragua. When I was visiting Nicaragua some family members took us out to eat a special snack so I asked for Pinolillo since that was what everyone was ordering. To my surprise they served the drink hot. It was different, I honestly think I prefer the hot version. Something about drinks being hot make them more palatable.

#4 Horchata (Semilla de Jicaro)

Have you ever noticed that horchata taste different depending on where you buy it from? What most people drink in the United States is Mexican horchata, which is made with milk, rice and cinnamon. The milky rice drink is a great refresher during the summer time, and is also enjoyed hot during other parts of the year. Horchata is a general term given to drinks that are plant based and made with milk. You can find many kinds of Horchata around the world. Its origins come from North Africa, where it’s made with Tiger nuts, it later spread to Spain and other parts.The type of horchata I’m speaking about is Salvadoran horchata. This horchata is made from Jicaro seeds and water. Jicaro is a plant found in Latin America, its scientific name is Crescentia Alata. This drink is also known as Morro locally, this beverage is also made in Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica. The semilla de jicaro is sometimes grounded up and mixed with rice and cocoa. You can also make it with milk instead of water.

The way I prepared the drink was by heating milk and adding a spoon full of the horchata powder, you can drink as is or add sugar to your liking. It’s very warm and comforting. Alternatively for the coffee lovers you can add instant coffee or an espresso shot, and make it like a “dirty horchata”. I found Horchata powder at my local panaderia, I’m sure you can probably find it in Latino Markets.

#3 Atol de Elote

Atol de elote is another corn and massa based drink made with milk and water. Atol is said to come from Mayan origins, Atol can also come in many different flavors. Atol is traditionally consumed during the winter holidays. Atol de elote is made with sweet corn, sugar, cinnamon stick, water and condensed milk. My favorite part of the drink is the little bits of corn that’s added in the drink. It adds another level of texture. 

#2 Avena 

Avena is an oatmeal drink consumed in Guatemala but also other parts of Latino America and even the Caribbean. The oatmeal is soaked, blended and heated with milk and condensed milk and sugar. This drink is very warm and comforting. The texture is thick and it’s sweet enough to enjoy without any added sugar. 

Some honorable mentions before I reveal the drink of the season. White chocolate lattes are always tasty. Matcha originates from China and is traditionally consumed in East Asia. Champurado, which is a Mexican hot drink made with chocolate, masa and other spices similar to Atol. Golden milk which is an Indian drink made with turmeric and milk with pepper and sometimes other spices. It comes with many health benefits but I love it because it’s warm. And the number 1 drink of the season goes to…

#1 Hotto Chocoreto

It’s a twist on Mexican hot chocolate. I love Mexican hot chocolate for the chili that’s added to the drink. It’s so good, especially if you love spiced drinks like Chai. When I heard a boba shop was selling a drink like Mexican hot chocolate I fell in love with the drink. It’s made with chocolate, dark chocolate, cinnamon, and togarashi. The flavor is a deep chocolate with a little spice and fills the need for Mexican hot chocolate when I can’t find it. Togarashi is a spice mixture that’s made with 7 types of different spices, used in Asian dishes. 

There are many other hot drinks you should try this season. Maybe in the future I may make a more extensive list of my favorite drinks. But for now I’ll give you my top 5. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again!

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